Will customers find your products?
Flying Lynx will bring your products to the sales channels where millions of customers make purchases every day.
Is selling on different sales channels difficult to manage?
With the help of Flying Lynx you can manage sales on different channels and deliveries through one operating system.
You do not want to make solid investments into e-commerce systems, do you?
You just need to send a product card to Flying Lynx. The full service package will cost you a monthly fee that is fixed and affordable.

Why Flying Lynx?

Sales on different channels, delivery management and money repatriation have never been this easy to manage!

Price list

Flying Lynx is completely affordable. Compare prices and services.

Your task is to ensure availability of products for customers. Flying Lynx takes care of everything else for you.
Flying Lynx makes international e-commerce easier. You simply provide products’ details and choose the sales channel that you want to be involved in. Flying Lynx provides you with everything you need: sales management, delivery, money repatriation and marketing.

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