Did you know this about ecommerce in Russia and Asia?


How to get into Japan eCommerce?

eCommerce market of Japan is one of the fasters growing and largest in the world. In 2014, the B2C eCommerce market of Japan was estimated at 12.8 trillion Yen (121.8 billion USD), including a 14.6% annual growth. Although Japan has a great potentiality for foreign retailers, certain...

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Global market places are everywhere

Global market places are on the rise and they are here to stay. Global market places change the structures of e-commerce: they increase the sales, develop new services and create the criterions of customer experience higher all the time. And they are enlarging, global market places cover now more...

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What is happening in social media in Russia?

What is the best way to do social media marketing in Russia. Which channels work the best and where I can reach my key target groups? In following we give you some insights and statistics on trends, user audience and behavior on Russian social platforms. These insights base on data of Brand...

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Yandex.Market is a highway to Russian ecommerce markets

Russian ecommerce is growing fast. The annual growth rate has been app. 30 % during last years. But how to do online sales in Russia and how to utilize Yandex.Market, the biggest online sales channel in Russia?

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eCommerce service provider from Finland –This is Flying Lynx

Flying Lynx is not a company providing online store platforms. We do offer a service which makes possible to run cross-border online sales overseas. Our service covers all needed elements of international e-commerce.

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