Co-operation with full benefits


Finnish Postal Service, Posti is our logistic partner. We use global EMS provided by Posti in our deliveries. We do also cooperate with Posti in developing to new delivery methods that make our service even more competitive. 

Tamora Oy

Tamora Oy aims to save Finnish welfare state. Tamora works with Finnish public sector and SME companies in the field of digitalization. Together with Tamora we provide a channel for Finnish SMEs to be global and reach international markets of Russia, Japan and China.  

AtFlow Oy

AtFlow Oy is a full service software company from Joensuu, Eastern Finland. AtFlow is our technical partner providing e-commerce templates, sales management system and web sites. AtFlow also creates integrations between our sales management system and used sales channels.

iinola Export Solutions

iinola is a multi-lingual firm offering internationalization and business development support for SMEs looking to harness export and import opportunities. The focus of iinola is to help companies in Europe and Japan succeed with international business and trade. What makes iinola so unique is our ability to understand both cultures and markets, and our professional expertise and existing networks in these countries. By offering a native understanding of the marketplaces iinola helps companies bridge the gap between diverse cultures, allowing companies to successfully integrate into a new market and to gain a competitive advantage.​​​

Do you want to cooperate with us?

Does your company have expertise in international e-commerce, logistics or in Internet-marketing? Would you like to cooperate with us? We develop our service concept constantly and therefore we are open for cooperation. If you have an idea, don't hesitate to contact us.