Flying Lynx provides all the required parts for your cross-border sales process

Flying Lynx offers you all the required elements of successful cross-border online sales

Flying Lynx offers you totally new way to do international cross-border sales online. Our idea is to carry your business into the channels where millions of customers are already buying.  

We think that cross-border online sales should be made as easy as possible. In our service concept it means that retailer's duties are only to select the market area where one wants sell, choose suitable products and then pack them for delivery when the purchase is made. Our duty in Flying Lynx is to make this possible.


Sales channels

Our idea is to carry your business into the channels where your customers already exist. In doing so it will save money and other resources, because you don't have to make your store visible and known among your customers.  

In Russia our sales channel is It is our own multi-seller e-commerce platform, which is integrated with Yandex.Market, the biggest online market place in Russia with over 25 million monthly visitors. In addition to this, you can use our eBay integration to sell in Russia, Europe and United States.  

You can sell in Japan through our integration. Rakuten is the biggest cross-border sales channel in and the most valuable web-brand in Japan with 25 billion euro annual sales. 

Same way in China, the huge market potential can be reached through, or other existing sales channels which suits your business the best.



Of course selling in different sales channels is possible already. But it is complicated, especially if you sell in different market areas at the same time. The benefit of our service concept is that you only need one interface for selling in different channels at the same time. Your stock and cash flow are updated all the time. 

Flying Lynx is a partner of Yandex.Market and Therefore, opening fees are reasonable and processes are easy to complete for the new retailer.  

You can also print out required documents of cross-border sales from the Flying Lynx system. In addition, our customer service helps you in possible problems and questions concerning marketing, sales or delivery of goods.


Customer service

Flying Lynx provides Russian customer service in and Own Russian online store services. Customer service is carried out via chat, which gives answers to questions of Russian customers and supports your sales from Monday to Friday during office hours. And of course, if you need customer service during evenings and weekends, it can be negotiated.  

In,, and other sales channels customer service is provided by the channel itself. However, Flying Lynx supports the service aiming to create best possible customer experience for your customers.


Marketing services

Although your products are available in different channels, the successful sales is possible only through good marketing. Flying Lynx has a long experience in Russian online marketing activities and our network helps you to reach your goals in Asian markets. As our customer, your account is always managed by the specialized Key account manager who plans, coordinates and operates for the marketing of your products. Success of your marketing campaigns is analysed through analytics tools and results are reported to you regularly.  

Through our network we can to do marketing in channels where our competitors do not have access. We can do in-channel marketing in each sales-channel, operate in the main search engines of the market area (i.e. Baidu), or utilize totally new marketing channels for foreign retailers, like Yandex.Money, and reach their over 20 million customers.


Payment methods

Payment methods are important part of localization of online store. Suitable payment methods improve the conversation rate  and increase customers' trust towards the store. In Flying Lynx Russian e-commerce platforms customers can pay their purchases with Yandex.Money and PayOnline payment methods. These methods include all Russian credit cards, e-wallets and online bank payment methods.  

When customers pay with Russian payment methods, account PSP payments to Flying Lynx's Russian bank account in rubles. Flying Lynx transfers funds to Finland and disburses them to the bank account of the retailer in accurate currency. Using the Russian bank account is the most reasonable way to transfer funds from Russia.



Flying Lynx cooperates with logistic companies that can deliver parcels all over the world. As a client of Flying Lynx your company can utilize reasonable delivery prices we have negotiated with our partners. In addition to this, all required documents of cross-border delivery can be printed out from Flying Lynx management system. All you need to do is to pack the parcel. It will be picked up from your stock and delivered to your customer.  

In delivery to Russia and Asia we do use EMS delivery of Finnish Postal Service: This is fast, trustful and reasonable to carry the parcels to your customer. All EMS parcels are insured.  

Flying Lynx also provides customs terminal service for goods coming outside and going out of EU. Within customs terminal you can reach remarkable savings because you don't have to declare your products into EU.