Our market-specific e-commerce solutions guarantee effective sales for you

Your own online store in Russia

Build up your own online store localized in Russian markets and start selling 

Within your own Russian online store you can build your own brand in Russia, win the trust of the customers and do successful business in e-commerce. Our Russian online store platform brings you all needed elements; the online store is made in native Russian language, Russian Yandex.Money and PayOnLine payment methods, Russian customer service by chat and trustful delivery of parcels to customers in Russia.

Flying Lynx takes care and operates your Russian online store seven days a week, we provide you customer service and payment gateway. You will get information about orders directly and only thing you need to do is to send the parcel. Our Russian customer service supports your sales and helps Russian customers in their possible problems. Payments are made from Russia and settled to your account in your currency. Parcels are delivered to Russia as EMS packages by Finnish Postal Service. 

Establishing Russian online store includes: 

  • Project leadership and coordination by Flying Lynx, in cooperation with the client 
  • Technical establishment of the tailored Russian online store  
  • Russian content based on the original content of the client 
  • Translations of the product descriptions and other content from English to Russian 
  • Testing and publishing the online store 

Features of the Russian Flying Lynx Pro online store:

  • Dataflow eCommerce platform (Produced by atFlow Oy
  • 20 000 products  
  • Five admin logins 
  • Two languages (Russian, English) 
  • Currency in euros and Russian rubles 
  • Payment service providers: Checkout Finland, Yandex.Money, PayOnline and PayPal 
  • Eight email addresses 
  • Search engine optimized content and structure (Yandex.ru and Google.ru) 
  • Plain language URLs in Russian 
  • Defined metatags and og:tags 
  • Sitemap 
  • Automatic backup 
  • Automatic update 
  • Sales order management 
  • Stock capacity management 
  • Product management 
  • Responsive interface  
  • pic automatism 
  • Discount coupons 
  • Customer registration 
  • Parallel products (size or colours) 
  • English, easy use admin connected directly to the store 
  • Page templates: Frontpage, Product card, Product listing, Category page, Category listing, New products, Offers, Registration, Customer profile, Order history, SERP, Chart, Four step purchasing process, FAQ, Contact, Google Maps,  contact form, landing page.  

Check out our reference, Hockeystore.fi, Russian online store of Sher-Wood Hockey Scandinavia Oy.


Online sales to Russia have never been this easy and fast!

TaxFreeMir.ru is a Russia-localized multi-seller platform. You don't need your own Russian online store, customer service, payment methods or delivery. Everything is fixed and only product descriptions are required for sales.  

TaxFreeMir.ru multi-seller platform is based and managed by Flying Lynx. When you start selling, your product will be available in accurate product categories. TaxFreeMir.ru has its own Russian customer service chat, Russian Yandex.Money and PayOnLine payment methods and EMS delivery provided by Finnish Postal Service. You'll get an order information directly from Flying Lynx and all you have to do is pack the parcel for delivery. Flying Lynx manages payment gateway and you'll receive funds to your own bank account in your own currency.  

Because there is no investment required for online store software, TaxFreeMir.ru is the most reasonable way to do Russian e-commerce. The fixed monthly fee is 149 €, including all features and services mentioned above. Please note that marketing your products is not included into the fee.  

TaxFreeMir.ru is based on Dataflow e-commerce technology. The same technology is used in Own Russian online store provided by Flying Lynx.  

TaxFreeMir.ru is a low risk solution to start e-commerce in Russia. It is your choice if you want to test your products, or test the potentiality of Russian markets. TaxFreeMir.ru is a fast way to start the sales. Only thing you have to do is to translate your product descriptions into Russian. And Flying Lynx can help you with this task also.

Encounter Chinese e-commerce markets 

Let's conquer China market together!

The potentiality of Chinese e-commerce markets is huge. Rapidly improving standard of living and technological development push the growth of online purchases. China is already the biggest e-commerce market in the world.  

Challenge of Chinese e-commerce market cross-border sales is that they are dominated by big major sales channels such as Tmal.com and JD.com. And these channels are expensive to start doing business. 

Flying Lynx has a concept in which we build up a national or theme based flagship store into suitable sales channel with our partners. In that way we can share the costs of launching and get a good variety of products available for Chinese customers.  

Parcel delivery to China is provided by Finnish Postal Service and national airline Finnair with competitive price thanks to excellent flight connections between Finland and China. Marketing of flagship store and products is managed by native Chinese speaking Account managers of Flying Lynx and carried out by local marketing experts.  

Do you want to utilize this opportunity?

Start online sales to Japan

Reach Japanese customers in their biggest cross-border online sales channel Rakuten.com

Reach Japanese customers in their biggest cross-border online sales channel Rakuten.com 

Rakuten.com covers over 30% of cross-border online sales on Japan. The potentiality of markets is high and European products are really wanted in Japan. 

Flying Lynx brings your products into Rakuten.com and organises shipping services from your stock to Japanese consumer in cooperation with Finnish Postal Service and Finnair. Delivery is fast and consumer will get their products in couple of days in Japan. Japanese customer service and payment gateway is organised in cooperation with Flying Lynx, Rakuten and i-order.  

Marketing on Japan is managed by native Japanese speaking Account manager of Flying Lynx and Rakuten.com. Marketing services are tailor-made for your business goals. Your company and brand will get your own brand page in Rakuten.com, in which your products are available.


Learn more and find the best solutions of ecommerce in Russia and Asia! 

Flying Lynx owns a large expertice about ecommerce in Russia and Asia. We do provide consultation and education for companies to leand more online business in these areas and find the best solutions to do business. Our experts have done cooperation for years with Finnish companies, development organisations and universities. 

Themes of our consultations are, for example: 

  • Market specific studies about demand and competition
  • Technical solutions of cross-border online sales
  • Cross-border online sales, tax and custom regulations
  • Localized payment methods and payment gateways
  • Internet-marketing in Russia, China and Japan

Russian Yandex.Money and PayOnLine payment methods to your online store

Remove boundaries of the sales from your online store!

Unsuitable payment methods are remarkable boundary of sales in online stores. The use of online payments are increasing in Russia. Flying Lynx provides localized payment methods to Russian markets with Yandex.Money and PayOnLine payments.

Your Russian customers can pay purchases with their own credit cards, bank accounts and ewallets in rubles. Flying Lynx provides you a payment gateway from Russia and you will get funds in your own currency into your account.

We do provide you consultation in the integration process of payment methods and take care of your contract process with payment method service providers.

We can base an account for you into Russian bank which makes your business more reasonable in the long run.


Ensure the sales with effective Internet-marketing

Marketing in an inseparable part of online retail. Without effective marketing, nobody finds your products.

Flying Lynx has years of experience in international Internet marketing, Russia, Japan and China. In in-channel marketing we do co-operate with used sales channels (i.e. Rakuten.com, Yandex.Market) and our marketing specialists take care about marketing in the best channels of the market area.  

Examples of our marketing activities:

  • Search engine optimization: Yandex.ru, Google.ru, Baidu.zn, Google.co.jp, Yahoo.jp
  • Search engine marketing: Yandex.ru, Google.ru, Baidu.zn, Google.co.jp, Yahoo.jp
  • Social media marketing: Facebook, VKontakte, Sina Weibo, WeChat, Youtube, Youku, LINE, Twitter, Instagram, Mixi

Marketing campaigns are tailored for your company and products and carried out by native marketing specialists of the market area. Flying Lynx manages the whole marketing process and results will be reported to you regularly.

Delivery services

Optimize your logistics to Russia, China and Japan.

Dynamic, fast and reasonable delivery of parcels is the major challenge of cross-border online sales. Trustful, fast and reasonable international delivery is a competitive factor of retailers. 

When parcels are shipped outside EU to Russia, China and Japan, you need to give more detailed information for local custom and tax officials. Expences of international delivery comes mainly from this complicated extra work.          

We do optimize and build up an effective and reasonable logistics for your company. Your business can be online or brick and mortar. Our experts and network will find the best solution for you.      

Our logistics services are:  

  • Investigation of required customs codes 
  • Intermediate storage of products going outside EU
  • Building up a logistic network, including required documents and customs codes 
  • Managent of returnings outside EU